Oddy is a brand built on
wit, storytelling, and humanity.


Doing more with less.

Our brand and products strive to be
smart and surprise.
Wit is not gimmicky or obvious, it
creates a real point of value.


Sharing, learning and bonding.

Our brand and products aim to
connect through storytelling.
Not all stories are written. They can
be oral or visual but it’s the act of
sharing them that creates a
bonding experience.


A familiar anchor to explore from.

Our brand and products should feel
familiar yet distinct.
Family to us is both nostalgic and
next generational. It encourages
innovation by building upon

Each of our developmental steps is built on key milestones, however these are only guidelines and we firmly believe children develop their skills at their own pace.

Everyone develops at their own pace, but we also know that it helps to start early. That’s because young brains absorb information and strengthen the bits used the most. Our play patterns help every child reach their unique potential by encouraging mistakes, learning from trials and sparking imagination in all aspects of play.

Our mission is to nurture a lifelong
love for imagination because the
future belongs to those who can
imagine it.

We favour imagination over memorisation because it encourages complex, critical, and creative thinking, all of which are key for the next generation. Imaginative play fuels
self-learning. It nurtures curiosity,
questioning and aha! moments.

This type of learning is never a
straight line, so our ethos is:

‘Play is a Journey
Not a Destination’.